News – “Blood Sky” at T.Schreiber Theatre

Blood Sky tells the various phases of the life of Joley, a young woman who, even though she grew up too fast, won’t let the events dominate her or let herself be infected by the cynicism of a hostile and detrimental environment.

The girl meets a mysterious stranger who wants to protect her and who, little by little, will win her diffidence. However it is Joley who will, eventually, learn to defend herself on her own and who will make herself heard. She accomplishes this by letting go of a painful past that prevents her from dealing with the present and looking at the future.

T.Schreiber Studio has established an especially fruitful collaboration with Yasmine Beverley Rana; they have already produced The Fallen and are about to release the short Fauna and Blood. The direction of Blood Sky was given to the wisdom of Terry Schreiber himself, founder of the homonymous school and known for being one of the most influential and respected names in New York theater. Standouts in the cast are Tim Weinert and Samantha Rivers Cole, alumni of T.Schreiber, a Studio which invests a lot in its students and is about to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

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Claudia Pellicano

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