Resignation of President Magarief in Libya

The resignation seems to be the answer and the dignified choice of someone who knows is going to be deprived of his authority. The “political isolation law” was approved on May 5th after being strongly pursued by the armed militia – the group of former rebels that still own a very significant power in Libya and intend to isolate whoever had a relationship with the Rais. It will lead to the isolation of many representatives, including a President who refuted the dictatorship of the former colonel a long time ago.
Magarief was the foreign ambassador of Libya until 1980, to become leader of the exiled opposition of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya and, in 2012, President of the Libyan National Congress.

His resignation arrives in a particularly delicate moment for the Libyan political climate: only a few days ago the European Union expressed itself in favor of the necessity of sending a civil mission with the task to guard the frontiers and, after the recent violence episodes, the government decided to raise the level of protection for the embassies and foreign consulates on the territory. Magarief himself, during his resignation speech, expresses the hope that the transition towards a constitutional State will be accomplished without the use of the force, probably interpreting the fear that this act of force by the militia could create a precedent. The former President has always recognized the action of the subversive fringes as an obstacle to innovation and restated “the firm commitment of Libya to not allow a violent minority to hijack Libya’s hopes and dreams”.

The persistent instability of domestic policy makes the transition towards democracy more and more problematic. One of the biggest risks is the mistake, common to many riots, of creating a void. Of not being able to offer a constructive alternative to what is meant to be replaced. Few revolutionaries have had the privilege to celebrate the end of their revolution.

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Claudia Pellicano

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