Kerry-Livni, negotiations for the Middle East

The reasons for disagreement that led to a stalemate of the peace process between Israel and Palestine lie in the expansion of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, the Arabic zone of the city. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu set forth a temporary ban of the building colonization, an important decision from a symbolic point of view, but decisively insufficient and judged with skepticism by the Palestinian front. Furthermore, in spite of the declarations of the Israeli Prime Minister, on Thursday, the civil administration approved the construction of three hundred new settlements.

The meeting between the American Secretary and the Israeli Minister was characterized by the greatest confidentiality, but the solution of “two states for two people” seems to remain a priority on the talking table. The coordinator of the negotiations with the Palestinians herself stated how peace between Israel and Palestine is in the interest of both sides. Secretary Kerry confirmed that on May 21-22, he will go to Israel again, an occasion where he will meet both the Israeli Premier, Netanyahu, and the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Abu Mazen.

John Kerry and Tzipi Livni also met the Foreign Affairs Minister, Emma Bonino, who declared how pleased the Italian government is to see that Rome is becoming a diplomatic crossroads for a new, very important round of talks, the aim of which is to get the peace process in the Middle East going once again, and confirmed the full support by Italy; the American Secretary of State recognized the importance of the Italian “voice” in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria.
During the conversations with Tzipi Livni, Emma Bonino expressed her hope that the talks will resume and that an atmosphere of mutual trust in the pursuit of the two states’ solution is created.
The necessity to resume the peace process was recently reaffirmed by the United Nations General Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, who reminded the leaders of the two countries’ need to move beyond words.


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Claudia Pellicano

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