Coup d’etat in Egypt, President Morsi deposed

The successor of the deposed president has taken an oath to become the new head of state as interim president.
The reasons for the coup can be seen in the line of government adopted by the former president who had taken upon himself wide legislative powers, drafted a constitution unsatisfactory from the point of view of human rights and adopted a behavior that denotes a profoundly intolerant vocation.
In Cairo, they’re celebrating the deposition of the president, but the euphoria goes hand in hand with the violence of the demonstrations. The clashes between the supporters of Morsi‘s government and the upholders of the road map have provoked the death of over thirty people so far, as well as the wounding of hundreds of civilians and several incidents of rape.
In spite of the words of Morsi‘s successor who has declared that Egypt’s reconstruction has to happen with the collaboration of the Muslim Brotherhood, both the former president and the spiritual leaders of the party, Mohammed Badie and Khairat el-Shater, are currently under arrest, while the arrest orders continue for other members of the party.
The international community reacted immediately with apprehension. The UN Secretary General has reiterated his appeal for non-violence and restraint. Furthermore, he hopes the «deep difficulties» can be overcome and that the concerns of the Egyptians can be addressed through an approach inclusive of all the parties involved.
United States President Barack Obama had recently confirmed his administration’s strong commitment to full democratization in Egypt. On Monday July 1, Obama called Morsi to convey his concerns and stress that democracy is about more than elections; it’s about «ensuring that the voices of all Egyptians are heard and represented by their government, including the many Egyptians demonstrating throughout the country».
Through a press release, Foreign Affairs Minister of Italy Emma Bonino has declared that «the situation is in absolute movement» and that «prudence is the best policy to follow». She added that it would be inappropriate to «rush in judgments and statements about a complex situation» that «for this reason, can’t be reduced to a tweet».
Twitter, nevertheless, remains the privileged channel of communication of the parties at war. The video of a twelve year old boy has become viral. To the question about why he’s protesting, he answers, «Today I’m here to prevent Egypt from becoming the commodity of a single person and to protest against the confiscation of the Constitution».

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