Fuerza Bruta, the show celebrates five years of off Broadway success

As of today, it counts a million viewers, among whom are some of the most famous personalities of show biz such as, just to name a few, Usher, Kanye West, Blake Lively, Leonardo Di Caprio, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay Z. The show doesn’t have dialogues. The base concept, and probably, one of the reasons of its success, is to stimulate the senses. Fuerza Bruta is adrenaline, sensuality, an exhibition of vigor and a whirlwind of overwhelming music, brought on the scene by an international cast of exceptional dancers who have to get credit for one of the highest merits a performer can boast—to make something difficult and laborious look simple and natural.

The first impact is very strong—a man walks a street by himself, starts to run, gets shot, seems dead. Instead, he gets up and is joined by other characters who walk with him and, at a certain point, disappear into the dark, as if the city devoured its inhabitants. Two beautiful Erinyes appear, soar and chase each other in the space and, again, here goes the lonely hero, running, fighting, breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles.
The scenes are a succession of whirling choreographies that see the actors mingle and interact with the audience; later they move to an aquatic platform hanging above the viewers and give birth to dreamlike suggestions.

The runner of the first scene is no longer alone, but accompanied by some running companions and, this time, taking a leap into the unknown is less scary. Form and substance coincide, the message is immediate, the vibes irresistible. At the end of the evening, the producer gets up on stage for a brief speech about the two thousand reruns goal and the theatre turns into a huge club. The inhibitions disappear and the audience surrenders to music.
You have the feeling of witnessing something new and, at the same time, primitive, ancestral, primordial. To see a tale about life, fighting, defeat, payback, energy—Fuerza Bruta.

photoClaudia Pellicano

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Claudia Pellicano

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